Website Design Chichester

Chichester website design offers bespoke Microsoft Office automation solutions in Chichester and across the South East

Microsoft Office Integration in Chichester. Office automation with a professional touch.

Website Design Chichester has many years of experience of developing custom Office automation solutions which we integrate with Microsoft's Office's suite - Our company and consultants are geared towards finding ways to help streamline and save your business time and money, and additional workloads, whilst eliminating human error from data entry.

Is there an element of your website design, or database, or your daily work routine which you do not like doing? Why not give us a ring. We may be able to find a way to help automate even the simplest of tasks.

Our website developers in Chichester can take your data, from sources like accounting software, legacy systems or almost any other back office software. After cleaning and organising the data we can import it for you, into programs like Excel, enabling further processing or custom advanced reporting, with Microsoft Word for mail merge, or Access database applications.

One of our customers had an employee, and the poor chap spent 3 weeks every month entering data into excel, which was printed and given to him, from an accounts software package report, which enabled the company to produce analysis and monthly sales figures.

Our website design company specialises in implementing custom solutions for our clients, to capture data, which can then be delivered to a diverse range of different platforms, in different formats. By automating processes, we help you save time and money and eliminate errors.

We can also drastically reduce the amount of physical storage space required for your documents, my using inexpensive scanners and document management software. Electronic document management software will permit users to retrieve files quickly and easily, helping you increasing response times following customer enquiries.

The benefits of digital document storage solutions include not having to rent warehouse space to physically store documents, as is legally required. The system we use is approved by Her Magestys Revenue and Customs and all digital stored documents are admissible in court. Documents can easily be annotated, categorised and retrieved.

Your Business Process Review
A review of your website, databases, internal systems and processes may significantly improve the efficiency of your company, the security of your data, and at the same time introduce cost savings. Every organisation owes it to themselves to periodically undertake a business process review. We have experience suggesting changes and improvements - Our estimated implementation price will include:

•    Microsoft Office product suite integration, with training if required. We will seek to automate key tasks, eliminating duplicating data entry and human error from the equation. We can also suggest ways to make data more easily accessible and eliminate reports printed on paper.
•    Electronic document management (storage and retrieval) with scanning, archiving and indexing. We can help you reduce the risk of fire, loss or damage to reports, whilst saiving your company money on expensive warehouse storage space, simultaneuosly improving response times to customer enquiries through electronic data retrieval.
•    We can ensure your data is more secure. Real time backups can be arranged, and kept off site and away from the workplace location.
•    We can help your company with the development of a professional website design and online presence, taking care of online shopping or eCommerce as required. We also specialise in search engine optimisation in Chichester, and provide our clients with secure email and webmail access with their domain names.

We offer our clients fixed prices, can offer free consultation, and will happily work to deadlines as required. Contact us today for more information on our products and services.