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Systems Integration in Chichester: Professional advice from experienced systems integration experts in Sussex.

Our experienced Systems Integration specialists permit our website design company in Chichester to problem solve and troubleshoot disparate systems and components, leaving our clients with a complete and seamless solution.

We specialise in providing integration solutions, often when other industry experts have said a specific job cannot be done.

An example of systems integration solutions in practise, was linking a clients back office stock control software system, and their MOM (Mail Order Manager) from Dydacomp to an array of websites (via website services) to provide real time stock level data.

Our website developer also implemented Windows services, to read data which was to be exported from MOM, to Global Freight Solutions, who manage the warehouse and produce consignment and shipping data. We can help you by implementing and integrating bespoke solutions for systems helping you dramatically improve the efficiency of your business, saving you time and money, helping to remove or eradicate duplicate data entry tasks and eliminate human error at the same time.

Whatever your requirements, give us a call. If your system, product or service is computer based, we will most likely be able to offer you solutions, at highly competitive prices.

More examples of systems integration include the following:

  • Moving sales and customer data between a Sage Line 50 accounts package, and a customer's intranet.
  • Microsoft Windows services, processing optical character recognition (OCR) data to automatically remove errors from Scanfile (Canon's own document management system) Software, to read and process CSV files produced from a custom made reporting tool, to create Microsoft Excel files.
  • Interrogate Foxpro database tables used by OrderWise (OrderWise is another example of a stock control system) to supply data via website services to a client's website in real time.

For unbiased, professional and sound advice or consultancy, from a local systems integration expert and consultant in Chichester, telephone Paul at our website design company in Chichester for a free no obligation quotation.

We can also assist with any queries relating to server virtualisation as well as application streaming.